What is a Shelf Company?

Simply put, a shelf-company is a legal company that hasn’t yet been used. You may have heard them referred to as aged companies, or, if you’re from outside the United States, you may be familiar with the term numbered companies.

A shelf company is a company that has been formed, is in full legal compliance with all state laws, and is just waiting for someone to pick it up and begin using it.

Shelf companies can be formed in any state. You can also use any type of entity. If your business deal needs LLC management, and you want the flexibility that this entity provides, why not purchase a shelf LLC instead? All you need to do is change the LLC forms to show the change in LLC management, and LLC members, make any required changes to the LLC’s tax classification, and you’re ready to roll.


What you get will vary from state to state, and by incorporation service providers. Our shelf companies are guaranteed to be complete and in good standing. We’ve made the IRS application for a federal tax identification number (required of all legal companies in the US). We’ve also opened up a check and savings account for each of our shelf companies. You get an up-to-date company that is ready to begin business instantly. You’ll save:

  • Time – no more waiting for your attorney or service provider to get back to you, or for slow state departments to move forward on your incorporation service
  • Legal Fees – everything has already been done! You’re buying a complete, working package
  • Frustration – why spend time trying to learn the ins and outs of state and tax filings when you can have it all done for you?

Nothing is left to chance! You get a fully-formed, functional company. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the paperwork is in perfect order and was prepared by our professional incorporation service. There are no surprises, and no hidden costs. With one call, you can be in business – instantly!

Any questions? Call us at 1-888-250-2630 or drop an email to info@legalshelfcompany.com and we’ll help you get started with your own Nevada Shelf Company LLC today.