Tax and Business Advantages with a Shelf Company

There are many advantages to using a preformed Shelf Company to begin your new business venture.

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Legal Protection
  • Economic

First up is speed. When you’ve got a new business venture to get off the ground, do you have time to wait weeks or even months for an entity to be filed? No! Yet across the United States, many business owners are finding just that. Cutbacks in staffing and hours have created new and sometimes lengthy delays in the time it takes to get a company incorporation done.

With a Shelf Company, you have no waits. Your company is already formed and just waiting for you to begin doing business. You’re out the door before your competition has even finished filling out the paperwork.

Been operating as a Schedule C business and need to move up? You can do it! There’s even a special tax strategy you can use that will let you “turn back the clock” on your formal business start date. A Shelf Company LLC can help you to maximize your tax savings throughout the year.

Not only that, because your Shelf Company comes to you already complete, you don’t waste valuable time reading “how to LLC” manuals or legal company requirements. The paperwork is already done, and by a qualified incorporation service professional. You never have to worry about whether or not you’ve completed your LLC forms correctly.

Flexibility is another important key to your business success. You’ve got different taxation options available. Pick the wrong shelf company, you could be stuck with a tax classification that doesn’t work for your business or, worse yet, costs you money in extra taxes. Our LLCs, on the other hand, can be reclassified into whatever tax structure suits you best. Try that with a corporation sometime and see how far you get with the IRS!

Did you know that LLCs have better asset protection laws than corporations? When you operate through an LLC, you’ve got two-way protection. A creditor can’t reach through your LLC to you personally, nor can your personal creditor reach into your LLC. Why spend all that time and money building a business if you can’t protect it or yourself?

Finally, there’s a little-known economic advantage that Shelf Company LLCs have that regular shelf corporations don’t. In many states, the fees to renew and maintain an LLC are lower than they are for a corporation. You may not even have a yearly filing fee at all, depending on the state you operate through!

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