Nevada’s Strategic Opportunity

Shelf companies can be created in any state. We have chosen Nevada to create our shelf companies and shelf LLCs, for a few reasons:

  • Privacy
  • Lower Tax Obligations
  • Convenience
  • Secured Banking

Nevada has superior privacy laws to many other states. Because Nevada doesn’t have a state income tax, it does not report owners or shareholders to the IRS. In fact, Nevada doesn’t share its information with anyone, without a court order. Nevada laws allow for resident agents to maintain minimal documentation on their Nevada company clients. And, the way we have structured our shelf company LLCs, the owners are never revealed to the public record at all.

Nevada charges no state income tax to businesses or residents. Under Nevada’s own state constitution, that’s how things are likely to stay. Changing the constitution to allow for taxation against corporations or individuals would require a 2/3 vote of the people, and would take 8-10 years to fully implement. Your Nevada shelf company LLC is tax neutral. Even if you need to register it into another state to do business, you won’t pay any more in taxes than if you’d established a business in your state to begin with. We’ll also help you with any additional state registrations that are required, without slowing you down.

Forget the paperwork! Nevada has recently gone to an online renewal system. You can renew or make changes to your shelf company LLC at any time, day or night, 365 days per year. All yearly filing requirements can be taken care of in just a few minutes, leaving you free to concentrate on making your business a success. Your shelf company LLC even comes with complimentary resident agent service for the first year (and thereafter, for a small yearly fee). No need to watch the calendar, when our resident agent will do it for you.

When it comes to banking, Nevada is close-mouthed. It doesn’t share information with nosy California, for example. Your Nevada shelf company LLC comes with checking account, operated through a major US bank. Chances are there’s a branch near you and if not, there’s certainly online access. You don’t need to waste valuable time waiting to open up a bank account with a shelf company LLC from us.

Any questions? Call us at 1-888-250-2630 or drop an email to and we’ll help you get started with your own Nevada Shelf Company LLC today.