International Clients

If you did business in the United States prior to 2001, you know how much things have changed. International owners now face a variety of challenges, starting with simply registering your new company with the IRS for taxes. You can’t use the “done-in-a minute” online registration system that U.S. citizens can. Instead, as you know, you must go through a lengthy paper filing process to first get an individual registration with the IRS, before you can get your company registered for taxes. All the while, your attorney fees are mounting, time is marching on, and that hot business opportunity may be slipping through your fingers.

If you’re a non U.S. citizen looking for a fast, convenient way to access the U.S. market, why not consider a Shelf Company LLC?

We’ve tried to minimize delays and inconveniences for our international clients. Our shelf company LLCs have already had the IRS tax filings done, and are legal in the eyes of the IRS. We’ve also taken the worry out of banking*, by creating a checking account for your shelf company LLC. You are ready to roll, right out of the gate, with a legal US company. We’ll even help you gather the documents and information you’ll need to open a bank account back home.

Any questions? Call us at 1-888-250-2630 or drop an email to and we’ll help you get started with your own Nevada Shelf Company LLC today.

*Banking policies differ from branch to branch and state to state. As such, there may be unforeseen delays or difficulties in transferring control of bank accounts to you, if no member of your team is a U.S. resident.